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NO. Title Date
102 Genematrix signed a 550 million won contract with an agent in United Arab Emirates(UAE) 2020.04.06
101 Ministry of Health & Welfare(MW) announced 27 companies exporting COVID-19 detection kits 2020.04.01
100 [Bio zoom-in] Soo-ok Kim, CEO of Genematrix: "Focus on the US and European markets with the COVID-19 detection kit, creating an op… 2020.04.01
99 Genematrix acquired approval from KFDA for 'Neoplex GI-Virus 6 detection kit' 2020.03.30
98 Genematrix applied for Emergency Use Approval from the U.S. FDA for COVID-19 detection kit 2020.03.27
97 Genematrix signed a contract with UAE agent to export COVID-19 detection kit 2020.03.26
96 Order Announcement - Supply of Neoplex COVID-19 detection kit : 5.8 billion won 2020.03.25
95 Genematrix acquired 'export permit' for Neoplex COVID-19 detection kit 2020.03.20
94 Genematrix acquired CE certificate for COVID-19 detection kit & started export 2020.03.10
93 Genematrix acquired CE certificate for 'Neoplex GI-Virus 6 detection kit' for gastrointestinal infection diagnosis 2020.02.13
92 Genematrix completed development of detection kit for COVID-19 diagnosis 2020.02.11
91 Genematrix signed a business agreement with a Chinese medical device company 'Tian Long' 2020.02.07
90 Genematrix participates in 'MedLab 2020', the world's biggest diagnostic medical device exhibition 2020.02.04
89 Genematrix, Neoplex respiratory infections product is published in the US Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2019.12.16
88 Genematrix acquired European CE certification for the new Neoplex respiratory detection product 2019.12.09