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NO. Title Date
87 Genematrix acquired a patent for the production method of Zika recombinant protein 2019.10.31
86 Genematrix, 5% equity investment in Calth... "Joint commercialization of POCT products" 2019.09.11
85 Genematrix merged with Genematrix Bio 2019.07.16
84 [Bio] "Even with a drop of blood, infections can be detected 99%." 2019.05.22
83 Genematrix, clinical presentation at the European Society of Clinical Microbiology 2019.04.15
82 Genematrix acquired European medical device certification for new molecular diagnostics for sexually transmitted infections 2019.04.11
81 Genematrix acquired a patent for proprietary technology for multiplex molecular diagnosis 2019.04.05
80 Genematrix acquired a new product license from KFDA for multiplex molecular diagnosis of pneumonia causative virus 2019.04.03
79 Genematrix invested 5.7 billion won in British company, Vaccitech... “Investment for joint :new drug development cooperation” 2018.12.20
78 Neoplex product lines successively acquired 'European CE certification' 2017.11.22
77 Genematrix signed a product supply contract with AB Analitica in Italy 2017.11.15
76 Genematrix acquired CE certification for multiplex detection kits for sexually transmitted infections 2017.11.13
75 Genematrix has successfully registered molecular diagnostic software as European medical device 2017.11.01
74 Genematrix is selected as a 2017 : Brain-Competency-Excellent Company 2017.10.27
73 Genematrix received favorable reviews for sexually transmitted infection diagnostic device 2017.10.20