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NO. Title Date
72 Genematrix expands multiplex diagnosis product line-up applying real-time PCR 2017.09.27
71 Genematrix acquired product license for sexual transmitted infection diagnostic kit 2017.07.19
70 Genematrix signed a contract for development of multi-molecular diagnostic kits including Zika virus detection 2017.07.03
69 HBI, 'AIDS/syphilis test' listed as a recommended test in the Philippines 2017.05.25
68 Genematrix acquired a patent on genetic analysis method 2017.05.17
67 Genematrix successfully developed a new product that simultaneously diagnoses 7 sexually transmitted diseases 2017.03.08
66 HBI acquired approval for manufacturing cervical cancer diagnosis product from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety 2017.02.16
65 Genematrix signed an agreement with Luminex for commercialization of molecular diagnostic products 2016.11.01
64 Genematrix received project for Zika virus vaccine development with disease management headquarters service 2016.09.29
63 Agreement on the development of new/variant respiratory pathogen diagnosis system 2016.09.05
62 Genematrix acquired European patent for gene amplification method 2016.07.11
61 Genematrix commercializes early diagnosis products for myocardial infarction 2016.05.11
60 Genematrix secured proprietary technology for next-generation molecular diagnostics 2016.04.25
59 Genematrix secured advanced prediction technology for response of liver cancer treatment 2016.03.23
58 Reimbursement : Hepatitis B drug resistance diagnosis product 2015.04.20