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Selected as “People Who Shines Korea” in the top citation thesis category

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작성일 13-12-12 13:29


Journal of Hepatology, published by Sun-Pyo Hong, Director of GeneMatrix Research Institute (J. Hepatol., Volume 40, Issue 5, May 2004, Pages 837–844 | 006) was selected as the top citation thesis for “People of Korea” selected by the Bioinformatics Research Center (BRIC) of the National Research Foundation of Korea.

This paper is about the development of a technology for sensitively diagnosing hepatitis B drug resistance using a new mass spectrometry technology. done. This original technology was adopted for the development of Thearanostics, which detects drug resistance or reactivity of antiviral or anticancer drugs, and developed our hepatitis drug resistance diagnosis kit (HepB Typer) or Gleevec drug resistance diagnosis kit (Thera Typer). It became the basis. Our company was selected as the third “People Who Shines Korea” following the Gastroenterology and Gut papers published in 2006, and is attracting attention internationally for its technological origin and originality.

Meanwhile, BRIC is an institution supported and established by the National Research Foundation of Korea and Pohang University in 1996 to secure national competitiveness in the field of biology. It was designed to select papers and spread them to domestic and foreign researchers.

■ BRIC이 선정하는 '한국을 빛내는 사람들” 상위피인용논문
■ BRIC이 선정하는 '한국을 빛내는 사람들” 홍선표 연구소장