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Gene Matrix, Participated in Dubai International Medical Equipment Exhibition

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작성일 14-01-20 13:29


GeneMatrix participates in the medical device exhibition'Arab Health 2014' held at the Dubai International Convention Center, along with its subsidiary HBI.

'Arab Health 2014', which will be held for four days from January 27 to 30, is known as the largest medical device exhibition in the Middle East, with 2,200 companies from 59 countries participating every year and about 60,000 visitors.

At the 2014 Arab Health Exhibition, Gene Matrix and HBI will introduce new products related to cervical cancer diagnosis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and AIDS, as well as dengue and malaria products. As the incidence rate is rapidly increasing in Southeast Asia and Africa due to acute fever, there is a trend of increasing demand in the diagnostic market. There is an increasing interest in prevention and diagnostic treatment.

Promising overseas, along with PapilloTyper, a cervical cancer molecular diagnosis product that has recently expanded its market share in major domestic examination centers through new medical technology certification, product approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (KFDA), and CE-IVD certification in Europe. We plan to challenge the global market by continuously strengthening our product competitiveness targeting the dengue and malaria products.