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Hepatitis B drug resistance diagnosis product 2 types of insurance benefits applied

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작성일 15-04-20 13:29


GeneMatrix has announced that'HepVitaper-Entecavir' and'Hepbitiper-Adefovir', which are molecular diagnostic products for chronic hepatitis B antiviral resistance, are listed on the list of benefits and non-payments for national health insurance activities by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the score of the salary 2015-59), it will be applied as an insurance benefit item from April 20th.

Hepatitis B is treated with antiviral drugs and the treatment effect decreases significantly when resistance occurs. Therefore, the treatment efficiency can be improved by confirming the presence or absence of resistance and continuously monitoring the occurrence of resistance even after administration of the drug. In addition to the existing insurance benefits of'Hepvita-Type-Ramivudine', the current'Hepvita-Type-Entecavir' and'Hepvita-Type-Adefovir' insurance benefits allow the diagnosis of resistance to each hepatitis B treatment drug and continue to be administered. It is now possible to decide whether or not to replace drugs, and whether to combine treatment.

Entecavir, adefovir, and lamivudine are major hepatitis B treatments that account for more than 65% of the domestic market share, and lamivudine, which was used as a first-line treatment until 2007, has a very high onset of resistance, and adefovir is administered in combination, and entecavir has a 5-year resistance onset rate. It is an antiviral drug that records the most outpatient prescription amount at the time of primary and secondary treatment of chronic hepatitis B patients with about 1.2% of this drug.