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HBI launches the first biochemical diagnostic product for sepsis in Korea

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작성일 15-12-07 13:29


HBi (www.hbidiag.com), a subsidiary of Gene Matrix, received the approval for new medical technology from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (Ministry of Health and Welfare Notice No. 2015-209) for its procalcitonin (PCT) diagnostic technology, and is the first in Korea to measure PCT for biochemical diagnostics. 

PCT (Procalcitonin) is a type of protein produced when sepsis or infectious disease occurs. It responds to changes in patient status faster than existing CRP (C-Reactive Protein, C-reactive protein), resulting in a mortality rate approaching 30%. It is a very useful test for early diagnosis and effective treatment policy for patients with sepsis who are struggling with twitching. Until now, diagnosis was possible only in laboratories equipped with expensive immune equipment, but with this release of Echiviai sepsis diagnosis products, hospitals can diagnose sepsis and severe infectious diseases more quickly and easily using existing biochemical equipment.

Biochemical diagnosis is one of the diagnostic methods for diagnosing diseases by analyzing blood, etc. in the human body using a biochemical analyzer. There are many places that already have biochemical analyzers in not only large hospitals but also small and medium-sized hospitals. There is no need to separately prepare.

In sepsis, where diagnosis of each stage is very important throughout the entire disease cycle, such as disease diagnosis and treatment policy establishment, prognosis monitoring, etc., HBI PCT products, which have shortened test time and reduced diagnosis cost, have great competitiveness. A good response is expected in the PCT diagnostic market, which was dominated by companies.