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Gene Matrix, Zika virus vaccine development government service project contract

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작성일 16-09-29 13:29


Gene Matrix was selected as an institution to perform the “Vaccine Candidate Development and Efficacy Evaluation System for Zika Virus” project as a 2016 National Research and Development Project (R&D) academic research and development project of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with the Kangwon National University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation We have made an agreement with the management headquarters.

Zika virus, which has recently been identified as a cause of microcephaly and Guillain-Barre syndrome worldwide, and has become a major public health problem, has no suitable treatment so far, and preventive vaccines are considered the most effective and the only solution. In addition, the Zika virus can be transmitted to the Japanese encephalitis carrier, the Japanese encephalitis mosquito, so it is urgent to develop a vaccine at home and abroad.


GeneMatrix plans to develop a rapid and efficient Zika virus vaccine based on researchers who have transferred the technology to the United States for the first time in Korea using the technology to secure recombinant virus antigens and Japanese encephalitis virus vaccine technology similar to Zika virus.

The results of this development project are expected to be used to prepare for domestic and overseas crisis situations through the development of effective Zika vaccine and to establish an early response system for various external infectious diseases.