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HBI listed AIDS/syphilis test as recommended test in Philippines

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작성일 17-05-25 13:29


HBI Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of GeneMatrix, uses the company's rapid AIDS diagnostic kit and syphilis test kit as recommended tests through the verification screening of the infectious disease test conducted by the National Infectious Disease National Standard Laboratory (NRL-SLH/SACCL) in the Philippines listed.

HBI Co., Ltd.'s rapid AIDS diagnostic kit has 100% sensitivity and specificity, and the syphilis test kit has a sensitivity and specificity of 99% and 99.8%, respectively, and has been recommended as a clinical screening test with excellent performance.

According to the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) and CNN News, the positive group revealed that in 2016, the number of new HIV positive groups in the Philippines was 9,264, an 18% increase from the previous year. Among the new HIV positive groups, there are 2,625 (28.3%) positive groups, aged 15 to 24, and the need for rapid testing for sexually transmitted infectious diseases in Philippine society is on the rise.

The results of the verification of the Philippine National Standard Laboratory, which was conducted this time, proves the technological prowess and productability of the HBI diagnostic kit, and it plans to use it for export of sexually transmitted infection diagnostic products to Southeast Asia.