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Genematrix acquired product license for sexual infection multi-diagnosis kit

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작성일 17-07-19 13:29


GeneMatrix has recently entered into full-scale sales as 'Neoplex STI-7', a multi-diagnosis product for sexually transmitted pathogens, which has adopted the next-generation molecular diagnosis source technology, has obtained an item license from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

'Neoplex STI-7' is a real-time PCR-based multi-diagnosis product developed to simultaneously test 7 types of sexually transmitted infections by applying C-TAG technology, the original molecular diagnosis technology of GeneMatrix. The launch of this product is expected to serve as a foothold not only for entering the domestic sexually transmitted disease diagnosis market, but also for entering overseas markets such as Europe. C-Tag technology is a principle of real-time diagnosis of infection of a pathogen according to the presence of a tag generated in the reaction solution as well as gene amplification. ), which requires a gene site where each of the two elements binds, but this new technology makes it easier to diagnose a wider variety of pathogens at once because the tag attached to the primer also serves as the binding site of the probe.


According to a report from Frost & Sullivan, a global business consulting firm, the global molecular diagnostics market is emphasizing the growth potential of real-time PCR diagnostic technology with both rapidity and accuracy. It is predicted that the need for diagnostic drugs will increase gradually.

Following the release of human papillomavirus genotyping diagnostics in the first half of this year, we have strengthened our product lineup in the field of sexually transmitted diseases by releasing Neoplex STI-7, and will expand our multi-diagnosis product sales by actively targeting the domestic and overseas markets.