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The core technology for directly analyzing gene mutations by DNA mass spectrometry without labeling

Technical Overview

  • The Restriction Fragment Mass Polymorphism (RFMP) technology is based on DNA amplification and mass detection of oligonucleotides excised by first-generation molecular scissors, using matrix-assisted laser desorption and ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry for clinical genotyping

Principle of action

  • Multiple oligomers containing mutation sites are formed when performing PCR reaction and cutting with a molecular scissors.
  • Genotypes and mutations can be identified by measuring the mass of each of these fragments.

Feature point

  • High Sensitivity & High Specificity

    • Unlike most existing genotyping technologies that analyze gene variation by hybridization, RFMP technology identifies genotypes by measuring the mass of fragmented gene sequences.
  • Ultra Precision & High Reproducibility

    • RFMP technology detects a minor genetic mutation and diagnose target genes with various genotypes with high sensitivity to enable early diagnosis.

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Application Examples

  • RFMP precisely identifies mixture of multiple mutations, whereas direct sequencing could not identify specific genotypes with a double mutation in one codon due to the inability of sequencing to determine haplotype.

* Patent No. : 10-0642829 (KR) / 4073471 (JP) / 7541148 (US) / 1113589 (HK)

  • Sequencing Result

  • RFMP Result