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Simultaneous analysis of multiple pathogens in a single-tube multiplex real-time PCR reaction

Technical Overview

  • C-Tag™ technology* is a source technology for true-matrix, which is developed for simultaneous analysis of multiple pathogens in a single tube with one amplification. Real-Time PCR based on an improved limit on the number of analyses per fluorescence channel, which was the threshold of the existing Real-time PCR (TaqMan et al), while at the same time improving the likelihood of non-specific signals that could be caused by existing tagging methods (Invader et al. It's the next generation molecular diagnostics technology.
  • C-Tag™ PlatformMolecular Diagnosis by providing fast and accurate test results for multiple pathogens that cause disease, thereby reducing test costs, saving time, and increasing test convenience. Therefore, the optimal treatment effect can be expected in the medical field by enabling timely and accurate treatment based on rapid and accurate results of infection of pathogens.

*10-1961642-0000 & PCT/KR2017/004297

Principle of action

  • Technical Components of C-Tag™ technology

    • 01. Target Specific Genetic Amplification Using C-Tag Primer
    • 02. Emission of C-Tag Fragment
    • 03. Melting Value (Tm) Analysis by Response with C-Tag Probe

Depending on the type of C-Tag Probe, three or more targets can be analyzed per fluorescent channel, which fundamentally overcame the limitations of the existing Real time PCR, which has a limit on the number of analyses per fluorescent channel.

  • Step 1.

    PCR & Cleavage

  • Step 2.

    Hybridization & Extension

  • Step 3.

    Melting peak analysis

Feature point

  • High Inclusivity

    • Integrate with our core technology, Trio technology, to provide high-pollinearity for diagnosing various serotypes or new variants in the pathogen.
  • High Specificity

    • Integrates with our EnCleap technology to enable high-specific PCRs, eliminating false positives and improving accuracy.


3 tubes reaction for diagnosis of 12 pathogens, 3 equipment, 3 examiners, and individual results need to be integrated for 96 patient samples


1 tube reaction for diagnosis of 12 pathogens, 1 equipment, 1 examiner, and collective management of results for 96 patient samples